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Costs Explained

Talk Circles

Bring a healthy or delicious covered dish to share, or a $10 donation to cover the cost of having the Talk Circle. Be sure to let Karen know what you would like to bring, food wise, and if you are bringing a guest.

Reservations are necessary and can be made either by calling 610-631-0880 or emailing Karen.Wrigley.LSW@gmail.com

Therapeutic Massage and/or Counseling

A Counseling or Massage session costs $70 and last for approximately one and one-quarter hours. Some clients regularly book sessions for two hours.

Some clients regularly book two hour sessions, which gives an even greater benefit, and is the "fastest 2 hours of the week."

Costs for Couples Massage

Karen is offering a Couples Massage Special for $80 for a 90 minute session. It is very important for couples to make time to relax and enjoy each other's energy by booking a massage date night.

Couples can remain in the same room together and enjoy candlelit conversation, as well as see particular strokes that their partner might especially enjoy. It is ok to BYOB.

Bed & Breakfast in the Poconos

The cost is $60 per person or $80 per couple and that includes
  • an overnight stay in one of three mobile homes,
  • a 20 minute massage per person, and
  • a delicious breakfast.
Longer massages are also available at the poconos location.