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Talk Circles: What Are They?

A "Talk & Touch Circle" is where a group of people get together to share food, fellowship, and conversation, facilitated by a licensed psychotherapist.

At talk circles, a topic of conversation will be initiated by facilitator, Karen Wrigley, MSSW., ACSW., LSW., that is interesting, controversial, revealing, thought provoking or educational to the majority of the group at hand.

Each person will be given a time limited opportunity to share personal feelings, experiences, questions or concerns with the rest of the group about the issue being discussed.

A participant is also free to pass . . . and not communicate about the issue at hand.

We all need to grow & process at our own rates and comfort levels.

A timer may be used to insure that every person has a relatively equal opportunity to share.

At each talk circle, we will have brief introductions of all of the participants to each other, including the massage therapists, yoga or body/mind teachers or other visiting psychotherapists.

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