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Talk Circles: Schedules

We will be having our Body Mind Talk Circles generally on the Fridays of each month, and the next Talk Circle Date is

FridayNovember 19th7 pm


Of all the holidays that we celebrate in America, Thanksgiving is my most favorite.

When we bring into conscious awareness, good things that are happening in our lives, at Thanksgiving, as well as on a regular basis, this repetition seems to take the focus off of what we perceive as the negative aspects of our lives. This is the blessing of Thanksgiving, to focus on the positive, the evolving, the progress, the purpose, perseverance, the lessons learned, the determination, focus, growth, gratitude, understanding, obstacles overcome, etc.

Often times when we encounter even adversity, we find blessing, in that being challenged forces us to grow in ways that we may not have considered or allowed. We tend to rely on God more, during hard times. We broaden our thinking, and grow more flexible and creative. We become better able to comfort others, by experiencing difficulty. Adversity keeps us from being prideful. An attitude of gratitude can make the most difficult and painful situations, positive, or more positive. Gratitude makes acceptance of things the way they are, easier. It is a focus on the glass being half full, rather than half empty.

Towards this end, I would like to invite you to join with me for a dinner and Talk Circle this week, on Friday November 19th at 7pm at my home at 1823 West Main St, Norristown. 610- 631-0880 We will focus on Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and what all is happening in our lives, currently.

The cost is $10. per person, or let me know if you wish to being a delicious food contribution. It is best if some people do not bring food, so I can be reimbursed for the food that I make. Since I do not know what others bring till the last minute, I usually make a whole meal, and have contributors add some nice dishes.

Feel free to invite a friend or pass this email along. Is best to park on Wakefield, rather than park in the driveway, as it is very difficult to back out onto Main St,

Here are lines from an American poem usually attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson that focus on Gratitude and Thanksgiving

  • For each new morning with its light,
  • For rest and shelter of the night
  • For health and food, for love and friends,
  • For everything Thy goodness sends
  • For flowers that bloom about our feet,
  • For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet
  • For song of bird, and humm of bee
  • For all things fair, we hear, or see
  • Father in Heaven, we thank Thee
Karen Wrigley

The goal and intention of Karen's REJUVENATION EXPRESS Talk Circles is to provide a time and place to RETREAT, and get away from daily stresses, RELAX, together with other people, REFLECT upon our lives and choices, and RENEW our energy, focus, peace, and joy.


To make a reservation, you will need to email Karen.Wrigley.LSW@gmail.com or
call 610-631-0880.

Always confirm by email or phone or there may not be space for you.

There may be mid-month Talk Circles from time to time, also, scheduled on the third Wednesday, but watch for upcoming details and join our mailing list.

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