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Talk Circles: Schedules

We will be having our Body Mind Talk Circles generally on the First Fridays of each month, except when a Holiday date occurs ... so the next Talk Circle Dates are

FridayOctober 22nd7 pm


I have finally scheduled our first Talk Circle and dinner for Friday October 22nd @ 7pm at my home at 1823 West Main St., Norristown. Phone: 610 631 0880.

I thought about switching our gathering time to 1st Saturday's, for a luncheon time, as several areas like Phila. and Phoenixville, also have great First Friday events. My thinking was also that I might have started with a new full time job with benefits, that would have made Friday evenings too difficult for me. But, Hooray, this is not the case at present. I have received many calls from eager past participants, which makes my heart purr and smile. Sorry for my delay with scheduling.

October 22nd is the weekend before Halloween, and I thought it might be fun to wear an outfit or mask, for those of us who enjoy this sort of thing, optional, of course. A good topic for this evening will be "Taking off our Masks."
  • How often and to what extent do we wear one?
  • Why and when and how do we wear them? A
  • Are they about control issues or trust?
  • How can we recognize when others wear them?
  • How can we feel safe to remove ours, and
  • how do we help others to remove theirs?
  • What is your standard for personal friendships, social connections and masks?
  • How do your family, friends, co-workers, church or synagogue friends, or strangers, affect your wearing and maintenance of masks?
Think about some of these questions and what speaks to your heart, over the next 2 weeks. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings on this topic, and /or any relevant or interesting thoughts, situations or events taking place in your life, at this time, in the group. Let me know if you might like to blog about these questions.

It looks like it will be a beautiful weekend. I am currently redeeming every hour of extra daylight and warmth, till we lose daylight savings time and the long season of cold begins. Life seems to be moving along faster than is healthy, for most of us. It is a joy to reconnect with you all, and we welcome new folk into our midst, as well. If you know of anyone who might benefit from this group, feel free to pass this email along.

The cost is $10 per person . . or contact Karen to explore bringing a delicious food contribution for the dinner. Not everyone needs to bring food, as I make a good portion of the food to make it easier for stressed out, overly busy folk.
It is recommended to park on Wakefield Rd, one house away from Karen's, rather than try to back out onto Main St, which can be dangerous. Have a great week and let me know if you can come, or are bringing a guest. Blessings to you and yours
God bless. Warmly

The goal and intention of Karen's REJUVENATION EXPRESS Talk Circles is to provide a time and place to RETREAT, and get away from daily stresses, RELAX, together with other people, REFLECT upon our lives and choices, and RENEW our energy, focus, peace, and joy. http://RejuvenationExpress.com

To make a reservation, you will need to email Karen.Wrigley.LSW@gmail.com or
call 610-631-0880.

Always confirm by email or phone or there may not be space for you.

There may be mid-month Talk Circles from time to time, also, scheduled on the third Wednesday, but watch for upcoming details and join our mailing list.

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