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Talk Circles: Schedules

We will be having our Body Mind Talk Circles generally on the First Fridays of each month, except when a Holiday date occurs ... so the next Talk Circle Dates are

FridayMay 8th7pm to 9:30pm

Happy Mother's Day -

Just a quick note to invite you to our next Talk Circle and dinner , next Friday May 7th at 7pm at 1823 West Main St Norristown 610 631 0880 We will have one more get together in June, maybe another Luau Celebration Party, and then take a break for the summer.

Some people enjoy looking at, learning about, or talking about a "specific topic" together with other folk. It is often a blessing to hear about how other people face and deal effectively or not, their many challenges. The combination of people, being single, married, divorced, happy, frustrated, younger, older and in between, childless, or child challenged helps to gain a new perspective for our daily lives.

Because next weekend is also Mother's Day, and last year's conversation about mothers was so heavy and interesting, I thought we could either speak about the effects of having had the mother that you have had, in relation to what is currently happening in your life, or you can pick a lighter easier topic of what challenges you currently face, or what is new and exciting in your life. If you wish to speak about your father's impact and influence on your life instead or also, that would also be fine. Our group has been doing well sharing a bit differently, from person to person, and our needs to share about so many things varies significantly.

The goal and intention of the Talk Circles is to provide a time and a place to RETREAT and get away from daily stresses, RELAX together with other people, REFLECT upon our lives and choices, and RENEW our energy, focus, peace and joy.

The cost is $10.00 pp unless you wish to bring a delicious food contribution to share instead, and let me know beforehand. So, RSVP and bring a friend. You can call or email me at Karen.Wrigley.LSW@gmail.com Is better to park on Wakefield Rd, one house away as it is dangerous to need to back out of my driveway onto Main St.

Have a great week and enjoy this beautiful weather that we are having . . .

God bless. Warmly

The goal and intention of Karen Wrigley's REJUVENATION EXPRESS Talk Circles is to provide a time and place to RETREAT, and get away from daily stresses, RELAX, together with other people, REFLECT upon our lives and choices, RENEW our energy, focus, peace, and joy.

There may be mid-month Talk Circles from time to time, also, scheduled on the third Wednesday, but watch for upcoming details and join our mailing list.

To make a reservation, you will need to email Karen.Wrigley.LSW@gmail.com or
call 610-631-0880.

Always confirm by email or phone or there may not be space for you.

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