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Talk Circles: Schedules

We will be having our Body Mind Talk Circles generally on the First Fridays of each month, except when a Holiday date occurs ... so the next Talk Circle Dates are

Aprl Talk Circle has been Cancelled

Happy Easter and Passover -

My topic for the Talk Circle this Good Friday April 2nd was going to be Talking Care . . of business, ourselves, our bodies mind and spirit . . and my body and spirit has been saying to me this week,

"Whoa!! Is time to Celebrate . .this Holiday . . . and have some down time in order to do it BETTER

To honor my spiritual inner leading and my gut, I am letting you know that we will NOT have the Circle this month. Sorry if this disrupts your plans. I wish you the very best week and enjoy this beautiful spring .


The goal and intention of Karen Wrigley's REJUVENATION EXPRESS Talk Circles is to provide a time and place to RETREAT, and get away from daily stresses, RELAX, together with other people, REFLECT upon our lives and choices, RENEW our energy, focus, peace, and joy.

There may be mid-month Talk Circles from time to time, also, scheduled on the third Wednesday, but watch for upcoming details and join our mailing list.

To make a reservation, you will need to email Karen.Wrigley.LSW@gmail.com or
call 610-631-0880.

Always confirm by email or phone or there may not be space for you.

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