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Talk Circles: Schedules

We will be having our Body Mind Talk Circles generally on the First Fridays of each month, except when a Holiday date occurs ... so a recent past Talk Circle was for February, 2010.

Happy almost Valentine's Day -

Our next Talk Circle and dinner will be Friday February 5th at 7pm at 1823 West Main St Norristown 610 631 0880

Last year, along the Valentine's theme, we talked about taking care of ourselves, since this directly impacts how well we can care for others.

This month, I thought we could talk about ..... What you have learned from relationships ....or how you have been affected by them; good, bad or otherwise.

Relationships can be with significant others, our parents, ex's, children, or friends.

I would like for us to think about this topic over the next week, and see if you come up with any patterns, observations, conclusions, or goals, with regards to how you are growing through the joy and challenge of relationships.

The purpose of this group is to get us to think and feel and grow, to some extent.

Ideally we are learning something new from almost every relationship that we enjoy . . . . and even the ones that we don't.

It is often beneficial to hear about other people's struggles and share each other's beads of wisdom, gleaned from along life's path.

The cost for this dinner is $10pp and if you are a wonderful cook or need to save some money by making something to share, let me know what you might like to bring, instead of the $10. It is recommended to park on Wakefield Rd, one house away from Karen's, rather than try to back out onto Main St, in order to get out.

Please call or email if you might like to come, even if it is short notice, and bring a friend perhaps

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing each of you and having another session of learning from each other

Warmly brrrrrrrrrrrrr Karen

The goal and intention of Karen Wrigley's REJUVENATION EXPRESS Talk Circles is to provide a time and place to RETREAT, and get away from daily stresses, RELAX, together with other people, REFLECT upon our lives and choices, RENEW our energy, focus, peace, and joy.

There may be mid-month Talk Circles from time to time, also, scheduled on the third Wednesday, but watch for upcoming details and join our mailing list.

To make a reservation, you will need to email Karen.Wrigley.LSW@gmail.com or
call 610-631-0880.

Always confirm by email or phone or there may not be space for you.

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